Where are you?

This is a question that I continue to ask myself every so often. As I journey though life, I have to “check-in”

My years ago when I was an insecure person,this question would be a very sad and difficult question to answer honestly. The reason for that was because I was continuously comparing my life to others. Looking at Facebook posts and pictures or real life people and wondering….how is it that they have what I feel as if I deserve ?

What I later realized, after going thorough my own rock bottom, was that I have to be grateful for wherever I am in life. When I had more, I was comparing with others. When I had nothing, my less-than,years ago would be great now! It taught me to stop comparing because that blessing is that person’s own. My blessings are around me everyday.

Learn to fall in love with the journey. Learn the lessons that comes with the experience. And continue to be grateful with knowing that each day is a blessing. To have peace of mind in this world of craziness is what is priceless.

Now, I get it. I don’t compare, I strive to be better than my yesterdays. To love and serve God.To thank him for just being able to find happiness within and to be happy for others. The more that I practice this art, the more my world open up for me and allow my needs to be met.

Where are you, in your journey? 



  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you, I appreciate the fact that you stopped by my page and have decided to follow me. I hope that you find my page of interest to you and I am eager to read more of your post as well.


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