Hello…..can you read me ??

I’m back

Wow! Two years…where has the time gone? A few days so, I finally decided to start blogging again. If this is what you call it. If I were getting paid to do this, I would be broke as ever. No pot to piss in, no window to throw it out of( wise words from my mom).

Within the last 2 years, my mom passed away. My daughters and I moved in with a  family member and was later kicked out and living in a hotel room. 

Fast forward

I’ve found a job ,working at a great company with great benefits and they feed their employees like almost every week. So I still have some spillage issues. Nothing a lemonade diet could not cure. I’m just joking…

Back to basics

Now that I’m in a better place, mentally and physcially…I will start writing again. This time I will do my best to stay committed to this relationship.

Until next time….

If you’re still out there reading…..What have you been up to ?






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