No More Extra Spillage

Yeah! It’s been two weeks! You may ask, “umm …. two weeks of what?” Well, to answer that question. I’m on a self-improvement/ healthy lifestyle change. For a few while now, I’ve looked at myself and noticed that , what I see, I don’t like. To be honest, I look a damn mess. Correction, A HOT DAMN MESS!

My face is breaking out from being stressed and eating unhealthy foods. Also as a result, I can not find my waist anymore and my back is wide enough to tow a few people on. As I said before, a hot mess. Some may say, why are you talking about yourself in such a negative way? To be honest, at some point in order to change what you’ve been doing for years, you must get Disgusted ! If each and every time that you try on your favorite pair of jeans and your ‘bread top’ not ‘muffin top'(because it’s gotten that bad) is getting in the way of you being happy with what you see, you have to get fed the hell up. And that’s exactly what I did in order to change.

I don’t want to be thin, I want to like what I see when I’m naked. Not just look good with clothes on. There are many people walking around each day ‘looking’ well put together. But under all of that are garments that are holding all of the extra SPILLAGE. Don’t get me wrong , I’ve used a few myself. But what’s the use when you have a full length mirror that tells the truth at the end on the day.

Back to the point

With my self improvement journey; I’ve started juicing and working out a few days a week. I’ve also started eating more healthy meals within the day to change my metabolism. I will discuss in a later post the foods that I eat and the exercises that I’m doing. Also some of the new product that I’m using to improve my skin care regimen. I can see some improvement in my overall appearance, but then again it’s only been two weeks. I’d like to tweak here and there if need be before giving it all to the masses. And to be really honest, I’m learning as I go. There are so many websites and forums that I’ve visited over the last month, that words are looking BLURRRRY…..

Tell me, are you please with your weight? If not come on this journey with me, I love company !


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